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Review of What did Tashi do?

Was this a form of her catharsis?  Was this a vent of her pain?  Should I just level my choice of words  to pain? This book made  every inch of my soul to shed tears. This book was sure a page Turner. The sudden gyre of sufferings Tashi had witnessed to the level of death. Wherein once she could not even stand on her own legs,  because of her mental supression. Mind is weightier than any, certain, had made her to fall on the floor not being able to withstand the amount of weight it had implied. Tashi gets an annonyomus message from an annonyumous person, sending private  pics of  hers  which she had shared with her ex boyfriend four years back. Her whole world had shrunk down to just eyes staring back at her. Even the four walls at her home which had made her the best comfort has started to feel like a Hitlers torturing camp. Not being able to accept the harshness of the reality, she whimed her torrent on herslef. She hated her for being such. An outcreeched cry, was normally said to be a vent. But here it only gave bitter constraints with every shed of tears. Atlast how tashi outwiting all this stood triumph, had made this story dumbstruck. Although, Tashi was the one who is to be the main protagonist here,  I personally feel it is not Tashi the supreme rather her mother, who at times like this held her daughter so strong that,  her strength gave Tashi the boost. This book might give you thoughts of different perspective. I solemnly adhere to the pinch of bravery of Tashi  to accept the reality and trust the ones who must be trusted to let out her deepest threat. I salute thee Tashi. You survived the death. You will forever remain as the brave woman who faced the death brightly with strength  and your love for the right ones.
Rate : ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5 /5

Book review: Turtles all the way down by John Green

A girl named Aza,  has this spiral or to be specific tightening gyre of thoughts in her mind about C. Diff  kinda disease which would apparently occur to you in the scale of 0.1 /10. So she couldn’t concentrate or fling on to some other cool stuffs since her thoughts abduct her whole. And then she has her bestie who is kinda a starwarfandom fiction writer. They both dwell to unsolve the mystery about Russel pickett,  a fugitive billionaire’s disappearance. Davis Pickett the son of Russel offers a hundred thousand dollars in reward.And Davis is the childhood friend of Aza. While unsolving the mystery of Russell Pickett, davis’ father,  Aza too finds a solution for her ever-tightening spiral of her own thoughts. . . . . . .
Though starting it was a bit burdensome to pullover to next pages,  slowly it grabbed its flow. This book was quite interesting to read,  since you could find a lot of quotations of Shakespeare, Yeats and other poets on your flow. It kinda felt inquisitive on how Green had managed to put up  with poems of Shakespeare in his plot. On a rough scale,  than the plot of the story,  I was quite taken away by the quotations and the mere conversational dialogues between Aza and Daisy and Aza and Davis.  It all came to a smooth curve when the title came to make sense. TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN.
Rate: ⭐⭐⭐. 5 /5